Saturday, June 21, 2014

Better Late Than Never

Here is my version of the 'Free to Be Me' Workshop Layouts.  This kit was available last month only.

 Supplies used:
      My Acrylix Marquee Uppercase, which can be purchased here
      My Acrylix Feathers, available for purchase here
      My Acrylix True to Life, available for purchase here
      Free to Be Me paper packet
      Ink colors:  Bamboo, Cocoa
      Durables Triangle Studs, purchase here
      Aqua Dots, purchase here

These layouts are about my sweet puppy (he will always be a puppy to me in my mind), who sadly passed away six months ago.  I've been working on an album with his photos.  These photos are from 2000, when I adopted him.  I miss him so!


  1. We have had several dogs over the last 40 years but the Bichon breed is my favorite! When BeeGee was gone in 2005 I was so miserable that 6 months later we rescued Harley (or he rescued us!) Without him, our life would be so empty!

    1. Yes, our house was empty without a puppy, we didn't wait long until I found our new girl, but this little guy was my baby, one of a kind! My sister in law has a Bichon, she's really sweet. Our newest puppy is our third cockapoo - they are such happy-happy dogs!