Friday, April 19, 2013

Shopping Online - click 'JOIN'!

Since some of you might be a little confused about how to shop a Gathering online, here are a few basic instructions.  Anyone can join and shop a Gathering, regardless of whether you've been invited or not.

First, go to my store at:

This is a version of what it will look like when you get there:
Scroll down to the bottom right-hand side where 'Dawn's Gatherings' are listed:
Choose a gathering and click JOIN

You will be taken to a page to begin shopping.  Choose your items, drop into your cart, and make your purchase!  Your purchase will be credited towards the Gathering.

Every month I post a 'Mystery Hostess Gathering'.  If you join this Gathering and place your order, you will be entered to win $20 in FREE CTMH products.  (You may choose these products from the Hostess Rewards category listed on page 2 of the 2013 Spring/Summer Idea Book).

Don't forget to click 'JOIN' for your chance to win!

Happy shopping!

Yep, I've been MIA

So sorry for not posting!  I've been immersed in a HUGE project and I need to get it finished by the end of May.  I posted about this a few months ago (I think!):  I've been scanning my family's photos and compiling family history to make a Heritage album.  I'm also going to load all the scanned photos onto flash drives to give out to family members at the family reunion in June.

Not much to show you in photos, but believe me, it is a VERY labor-intensive project.  Here is what I can show you as far as the process goes:

 My trusty scanner.
 Photo to scan
Positioning to scan
 Boxes to organize scanned photos
And here is what it looks like on my computer and soon to be on the flash drives:
 Labeling the photo and choosing the file to drop it into
 I've organized the files by sibling, then by decade
 And then further by year
 Now that these photos (and other documents) are scanned and organized electronically, they can be shared with all our family members!

I'll be returning the originals to family members and I'm currently in the process of printing and assembling an album of most of the photos. (and a duplicate copy of the album for my mother-and father-in law)

I've created a few Studio J layouts since I'm facing a time crunch and Studio J is perfect for creating beautiful layouts quickly!  I'll share those with you soon.

I've estimated I've put in about 500 hours or more with this project over the past year, at least.  So this is my excuse for not blogging much over the last few months.  Apologies! 

I've also been busy creating cards and gifts, but I have to wait until I've gifted them first since I don't want to spoil the surprise.  I'll post them soon as well, and I'm hoping to get back to posting on my blog again soon on a fairly regular basis.  Thanks for everyone for hanging in there and being patient with my absence!