Monday, August 26, 2013

More note pads

I found the design idea for these cute little note pads thru Heidi Swapp's Create to Remember videos.  She has some really creative, easy ideas and I love seeing the cool stuff she comes up with!  I've taken her idea and used CTMH papers:

These are all made with the Dream Pop papers - this packet contains extra thick cardstock that is perfect for this project.  I've also made a few with our B & T papers and they work really well too.

So simple to make:  using a 6 x 4 pad of paper, measure out a long strip of cardstock.  I plan to have about 2" of cardstock to fold over the front, so I'll cut my strip approximately 4" x 8 1/2".  I just fold it over the spine of the paper pad and crease on the back and again at the front along the top of the paper pad.

Then I take a piece of clear plastic paper (I got mine thru Amazon, it is made by Bazill and comes in 12 x 12 sheets. also sells it), measured at 6 x 4, and glue it to the inside of the flap of cardstock on front.  I couldn't help myself and just had to use Heidi's clear pop banners, but the rest of the decoration is CTMH.

Decorate the front and you're good to go!  When the pad of paper is used up, just glue another down in its place.

Tips:  dedicate a separate trimmer for cutting heavy weight mediums such as the plastic paper.  This stuff kills your blades quickly!  Your blade will stay sharp enough to trim the plastic, but if you try to trim a regular piece of cardstock after trimming plastic, your paper will end up with a frayed, messy cut.  So either switch out your blades, or do like I do:  keep an older trimmer reserved just for cutting these other mediums.

I use Bazill Marathon runner for adhering the plastic paper.  Seems to be the best adhesive for this particular project.

This size paper pad can be found at Wal Mart.  I haven't seen this size anywhere else, at least in the Denver area.

More projects to come soon!  Thanks for stopping by.

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