Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ancestry Project

Okay, I've started working on my next GIHUGIC project:  Organizing and scanning Haight Family Photos.  Back in March, my hubby and I went out to Nebraska to help clean out a storage locker belonging to hubby's aunt.  She wound up with a good amount of the family's photos and other memorabilia spanning the last 75 years or so, and was downsizing to a smaller living arrangement.  These photos and papers wound up being packed in about 15 cartons, most still in developer's photo envelopes (yikes!).  I've volunteered to organize everything and make sure the photos find their way into a photo-safe environment.
-The first of many cartons of photos-

So - I've spent about 8 hours so far scanning photos and have only made a slight dent in the project.  My goal is to get everything scanned and organized, then to choose a selection of special photos and put together a Studio J album.  My Father in Law is one of 5 siblings, and there are lots and lots of cousins who have an interest in this collection of photos.  So Studio J is the perfect medium to share everything with everyone.

My deadline?  Next summer for the Haight Family Reunion.  My hubby's grandfather was a rather well-known quilter and there will be an exhibit at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln showcasing his works opening Summer of 2013.  The reunion will be held at the same time and I'm hoping to have this project completed by then!

There's not a lot to show right now, but what I've done is begin to separate photos into categories based on each sibling, and two other categories based on my husband's grandparents, and then anything connected to their quilting.  From there I will subdivide into years and other types of documents (hubby's grandmother wrote a lot of poetry, so I'll scan her works into a folder of 'writings').  The project evolves and changes as I'm going along, but hopefully I'll be able to organize everything into something the whole family can enjoy!

This won't be the only project I'm working on, of course, like most crafters I have several projects going on at the same time and I'll post those photos as I go.  Back to scanning for now!

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