Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tour My Craft Room

It has been quite some time since I've posted photos of my craft room.  I've changed a few things and have decided to give you a tour.  I'll be posting photos over the new few weeks to give you a peek into my work space.  Welcome to my world:

 This is where I (sometimes) sit and mostly stand to create my projects.  I set the counters at kitchen-level height since I like to stand and get a better perspective of what I am working on. The higher counters also give me lots of space underneath and larger cabinet space to hold supplies.  I kept the space under my work counter open so I could store my crop bags and cricut machines and an iris case unit.  My puppy likes to curl up into a ball at my feet under there too.  The space between the far wall and my countertop workspace is open, and I use that area to set up banquet tables for crops.

This is the neatest this counter has been for awhile!  When I'm working it looks like an explosion of craft supplies.  But everything does have a home and I like that when I'm done with a project it tidies up quickly.
Looking into the room.  My cricut station sits in the corner there, and I have another bar stool under that counter to sit while I cut lots of stuff on my cricut.  I also have a sewing machine and a bin of supplies tucked under the counter.  I had an electric cord hole cut in the countertop back in that corner so I could set up my sewing machine and string the cord to the foot thru.  It's capped nicely when not in use.  There is also a cable and phone jack in case I ever decide to set up a television.  And I had an electrical outlet installed in the upper cabinet so I could charge devices without crowding the countertop.

I had the cabinets custom-made since scrapbook supplies require deeper cabinets and shelves - the average size kitchen cabinet wouldn't hold 12 x 12 paper.  So I designed my room to hold my stuff.  I'll give you a peek inside these cabinets in a later post.
I love this iris case wall - it holds tons and makes it easy to grab the supplies I keep together for a specific project.  I don't know if you can see it, but a few of these cases are empty - in anticipation of new supplies! 
And my bookcase wall.  Again, I had this bookcase custom made to hold a scrapbook, so they are 16" deep, if I recall correctly.  I was tired of my scrapbooks never being able to fit into a regular book case!  The white cases are full of old scrapbooking magazines, but I'll probably move those guys out to accommodate more scrapbooks as I fill them.

And here's my baby girl, she likes to hang out with me when I work.  Always nice to have company when you're scrapbooking!

Thanks for stopping by!  Stay tuned for more photos in posts to come.

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