Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dogs, vet visits, and back injuries

Hello, blog readers!  I apologize for not checking in last week...Life in the Haight household has been a little crazy lately.  One week ago today, we were sure we were going to lose this little guy:
Over the course of four days, he went from an Old-Man creaky walk (he is 15 1/2 years old), to near paralysis.  I'd taken him in to the vet and she thought either it was his hind leg acting up again (he had injured it taking a flying leap off our bed), or possible back problems.  All we knew was that he was in a LOT of pain.  Sunday/night was a really hard time and Monday morning could not arrive fast enough.  Prognosis:  Herniated Disc in his back.  It was pressing on his nerves, causing him to lose function in his hind legs.  Treatment:  Crate rest and a few good drugs.  One problem is that I never crate trained him.  Huge mistake.  So we've had a couple of poo-filled moments, one attempted sponge bath, and a couple of careful baths with the water only getting to those areas that needed washing.  And lots of laundry, cleaning, carpet shampooing and the like.

Husband and I are tag-teaming this job: taking turns sleeping near his crate, with hopes to catch said poo-related incidents before he makes a mess of himself.  Speaking of Hubby, he can totally relate to this condition as he has surgery for a herniated disc 6 years ago!  We've had enough of our share of back conditions in our family already...

All that being said, you can imagine that there has been zero time for crafting or blogging, and we're taking it one day at a time.  I'll be happy if I can get the house decorated for Christmas!  Bear with me as we work thru his rehab, and I'll try to snap a few photos of stuff I've made and get them edited for blogging.  I do have a few cute things to show you and some awesome CTMH campaigns in the works!

Thanks for stopping by...

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