Friday, June 22, 2012

Priming Your Stamps

Here's a little tip on what to do when you start using a new My Acrylix Stamp:

All stamps will stain a little when used, but to prevent your new stamp from staining badly, prime it first.  Start by 'stamping it off' with a LIGHT colored ink, like Bamboo.  Stamp it off on a scratch paper, then clean it.  This will prep your stamp and allow it to clean up better when using a darker color ink.  Keep in mind that all darker colors, especially those in the navy blue and red families, will stain, no matter what brand you use.

I also recommend using only Close to My Heart ink pads. When I first started buying CTMH stamps about 6 years ago, I thought I could get away with using the inks I had in my stash - various types purchased from the big box crafting stores.  All of my older stamp sets are stained and it is easy to pick out the first bunch of stamp sets I purchased!  Even though they are stained, they still stamp the same perfect image - I'm just a stickler for keeping my stamps in 'like new' condition!

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