Saturday, April 5, 2014

Little Bundle of Wiggly Goodness

So this is what has been keeping me too busy to blog lately:
Yep, we adopted a cockapoo puppy!  We've had her for just over two months now.  Puppies are a LOT of work!  But she's a good girl and learns quickly.  Get this:  my husband has trained her to ring a bell (a bell-hop desk style bell) to tell us when she needs to go outside.  When he told me his plan, I said 'Knock yourself out, honey.', never believing it would work.  She learned quickly and much to my amazement, she now dings the bell when nature calls.  Awesome!
She's now 7lbs of wiggly goodness.  And she's to a point where she doesn't require quite as much supervision, so I can get back to making stuff in my craft room...  Pix & projects to be posted sooon!


  1. Ok can I tell you I love your new little puppy?! I am a Bichon mom but he has 'issues'! :)

    1. Thank you! She's a handful, but she brings such joy to our home, I wouldn't trade her for anything!