Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sparkle & Shine meets Frosted

I received an assortment of new products from the Holidays from the Heart gift guide on Tuesday and couldn't wait to get started on some projects!  First up, I swapped out the papers and colors in the Frosted cardmaking Workshop on the Go.  This workshop is by far my favorite - the stamp set is SO easy to work into a variety of other projects!

First, I'll show the Frosted set, completed.  This is what you can make from the kit sold here:   For $24.95, you receive the stamp set, and supplies to make 15 cards (5 each of three designs):

Now here is the same workshop with the papers and colors swapped out, using the new Sparkle & Shine pack:

And close-up views of each card:

I used some of the new Sparkle & Shine Washi tape on the last card.

And here is another version of the same workshop, swapping out the ruby and olive colors for twilight and slate (this last design I case'd from the very talented Vicki Wisniuk at

As you can see, I sure was able to stretch this workshop far beyond the original 15 cards! Now back to playing with new supplies...

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