Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gah! Computery issues

Hey everyone!  Apologies for not blogging lately...My laptop is finally feeling its old age.  Tons of problems  have just kept me from making any posts.  BUT - I've asked for a brand spankin new laptop for Christmas, so it won't be long before I am up and running again on a regular basis.

I've been super-busy working on Christmas Cards, and I just recently organized a fun retreat weekend in Keystone (thanks, Tami!).  The few photos I managed to take are still on my iPhone.  Someday I'll get them downloaded!

Next on my list is giving this house a good scrub before we have a bunch of friends over for a Halloween Party.  I still have to dig out all of my Halloween decorations and put them up.  We never seem to have enough time, do we?

After that, I'm planning a Christmas Tag-Making Party/Workshop at my house for November 10th.  You can make 10 tags along with a 3D box to store them in for $10.  Contact me for invite details if you are interested.

I'm going to attempt to make another post today to finish out my Hawaii book pages, but don't hold your breath if nothing appears...!

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